example at pools, wells, aquariums, tanks, washing machines etc.

There are three probes in the circuit, which senses the level of water. The two bottom level probes should be placed at the bottom of the tank or at the point where you want to switch ON the pump, and one upper level probe should be placed at the level where you want to stop the pump.

The heart of the circuit is a 556 timer IC that is a dual version of a famous 555 timer IC. The circuit can be operated from any voltage from 5V to 16V DC but make sure to use the relay value according to the operating voltage. If you want to operate the circuit with more than 12V then increase the value of the 470R resistor to 820R. As described above that when the tank is filled the buzzer will activate / sound for few seconds, this time period can be increased by increasing the value of the 10uF capacitor.
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The article describes a very useful project of a water level controller circuit with buzzer. The circuit is completely automatic and can control a water pump it self and provide an alarm for few seconds to indicate that the tank is full and automatically closes the 220V or 110V pump. It can be used in any place for
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Water Level Controller With Buzzer