when your boiling water will reached on the boiling point by activating an audible alarm and activating an LED. The LED is optional and you can remove the LED with its 470 ohms current limiting resistor. You can also add a relay switch with the buzzer.

When the circuit is completed it require some tuning and adjustment. First of all fit the 50K thermistor in a small steel or iron enclosure and make sure that the water will not get in this enclosure so the thermistor will not get in contact with the water but only detects the temperature of the water. After attaching the thermistor in the steel enclosure make a connection of two ten inch wires with the thermistor and attach it in the place of the thermistor shown in the diagram. If you are using steel or iron bowl to boil the water then make sure that your thermistor enclosure box will not touch that bowl the circuit will not perform well.

After completing the above procedures boil your water and when it will start boiling adjust the 50K variable resistor until the buzzer make sound. The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 12V DC.
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Have you ever waited for boil water in your kitchen? Its like one of the boring work to do ? Now you don't want to worry about that because the little servant shown below will do that work for you and inform you when your water will reached to the boiling point.
The circuit will indicate
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Water Boil Alarm Circuit Diagram