the circuit is a LM358 IC that is used here in comparator mode. LM358 IC is consist of two op amps but in this circuit only one opamp is used.The sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted with 20K variable resistor. The circuit is using two pairs of IR LEDs to detect the obstacles better, each pair should be placed lower backside of the vehicle. Each pair is consist of two IR LEDs in which one is IR transmitter and another is IR receiver. Both the LEDs on a pair should be placed side by side to detect an obstacle in front.

Working of the circuit is simple to understand, the IR transmitter LED continuously generates Infrared rays and when any obstacle comes infront of the IR transmitter LED then its infrared signals bounce back and received by the IR receiver LED. When the IR LED receive the IR transmitter signals the output of the LM358 at pin1 goes high.

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This simple circuit can be used as a helper in reverse parking for any vehicle. It will provide a visual indication by activating an LED when the vehicle is very close to any obstacle in reverse. A peizo buzzer or any other buzzer can also be used between ground and pin 1 of the IC.
The main component of
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Vehicle Reverse Parking Helper Project Circuit Diagram