Here is the circuit of an UM66 melody with TDA2822M amplifier. UM66 is a very famous CMOS melody IC available in TO-92 transistor package with three leads. The IC can be used in any type of alarm circuit, bell circuit, buzzer circuit, siren circuit etc. Due to the low current consumption and

very small size the IC is ideal to use in many handheld and battery operated applications.
There are upto 14 versions of this IC, each version contains a different song melody programmed by manufacturer. Each IC comes with the code number of song mentioned on it as part number for example if you want the melody of “Happy birth day song” then you have to look for UM66T08 or if you want the melody of “Jingle Bells song” then you have to look for UM66T02 and so on. The list of song name and part number can be found in the datasheet of this IC.
Another part of the circuit is a TDA2822M amplifier, which is used to amplify the melody sound of the UM66. The output of UM66 will be very low if you will not use any amplifier with it, therefore to increase the output sound of the melody we have used the TDA2822M IC, which is a low voltage audio amplifier available in 8 pin dip and provides 1W output with 9V DC using 8 Ohms 1W speaker. The output audio/sound of the melody can be adjusted with the help of 10K variable resistor.

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UM66 Melody With TDA2822M Amplifier