Here's a simple schematic of a TV transmitter circuit or video transmitter circuit which is able to broadcast on VHF between 60 to 200 MHz. The input video can be from any CCD camera and VCR. The output power of this VHF transmitter circuit is 80mW and by using telescopic antenna this
circuit will transmit at a distance of 100 meter.
The circuit is using only one transistor that can be a BC337, 2N2222, BC546 or BC108. For L1 wound 6 turns of #24 enameled wire on a 10mm air former for frequency 60 - 80 MHz.
For 150 - 180 MHz wound 4 turns and for 180 - 200MHz wound 2 turns.
If you want to transmit sound then make a FM transmitter and tune it on audio channel.

This circuit is for educational purpose only. 

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