The circuit is built around two different ICs, which are LM35 and LM358. LM35 is a temperature sensor IC that is accurately calibrated by the manufacturer for measuring temperature in centigrade and LM358 is a dual operational amplifier IC that is used in comparator mode here.

The circuit can be operated from any voltage from 5V to 12V DC. A relay switch is used at the output of the circuit. The voltage value of the relay should be selected according to the operating voltage. The circuit is also very good energy saver and in standby mode it only consumes 500uA due to which the batteries will last for several days to months.
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Here is a good quality temperature sensing switch using LM35 & LM358 IC. The project can be used to control variety of electronic devices on a desired temperature level under 120 degree Celsius.  The desired temperature can be selected with the 10K variable resistor used in the circuit.
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Temperature sensing switch using LM35 & LM358