Telephone Circuits

Telephone Amplifier Circuit

An easy to build circuit of telephone conversation amplifier. The circuit uses a common LM386 IC, the circuit require no power supply it will run by using the power from phone line.

Telephone Line Tester

Here is a telephone line tester circuit which can be used for testing phone lines. This telephone line ....

Telephone In Use Indicator

A very useful simple project of a telephone in use indicator circuit which is very easy to build. The working of the circuit is simple when some one is using the phone...

Simple Telephone Ring Generator

Simple circuit of a telephone ring tone gererator, the circuit uses CD 4060B and BC 557 transistors. The circuit can be operated from 4.5 to 12 volt DC.

Telephone Voice Changer

A very good and interesting circuit of telephone voice changer, the circuit performs the task like some computer audio programs do. The circuit uses two ICs and runs form 9v.

Telephone Ring Detector

Here is a very simple and useful project of a telephone ring detector circuit. The circuit can be used to switch on a loud buzzer when phone rings...

Telephone Off Hook Indicator

This telephone off hook indicator circuit will activate when the telephone receiver is taken off hook. The circuit is using an LED and a peizo buzzer, which will...

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