amplifier IC with low quiescent current to increase the battery life. In old days a TDA7052 IC was serving for these purposes but it is not available anymore now a days. But the TDA2822M audio amplifier IC is still an ideal IC to use with your battery operated projects. This IC is able to produce 1 watt output into a 4 Ohms loud speaker at 6 volt supply voltage in BTL mode.
It is packed with many good features one of them is low quiescent current drain. Another good feature is very low supply voltage due to which you can operate it with minimum 1.8 volts. The IC can also be operated in both stereo and mono/BTL mode due to which it can be used in wide variety of mini audio amplifier applications for example amplifier for MP3 players, amplifier for computer audio output, headphone amplifier circuit, radio circuits and variety of other audio projects.

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Here is a project of TDA2822M BTL mode amplifier circuit. TDA2822M is a small audio amplifier IC available in 8 pin dip package. When building small battery operated audio circuits or projects like bell, buzzer or radio circuits etc. We often feel the need of a low voltage and high output audio

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TDA2822M BTL Mode Amplifier Circuit