very minor vibrations of any thing, sensing minor knocks, seismic sensor / detector purposes, touch sensor etc.

The consequent current of the circuit is only 1.2mA at 12V DC. The circuit will also perform well on lower voltages for example 3V, 5V, 6V etc. For lower voltages use TLC555 IC, which is a low voltage version of NE555 timer IC, this IC will work stably on 3V or 4V. If you have decided to operate the circuit with 5V or above 5V then use NE555 IC. The relay value should be used according to the operating voltage. The sensitivity of vibration sensing can be increase or decrease with 1M variable resistor.
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This is an improved version of super sensitive vibration sensor. This version is more sensitive than the previous super sensitive vibration sensor and also power saver, some minor errors like the heating of transistors are also resolved. The circuit can be used for variety of different tasks for example sensing

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Super Sensitive Vibration Sensor (Improved Version)