water tank, when each level is filled it is detected by the circuit and the circuit then sends a signal to the receiver circuit. When the receiver circuit receives the signal it lights up the LED for that level.

Water level cum transmitter section

The water level cum transmitter section contains two ICs and eight transistors. The circuit contains two sections, which are water level sensor circuit that is built with seven transistors Q1 to Q7 and two ICs which are NE555 & 4017. The other part of the circuit is a FM transmitter that sends the signal pulses to the receiver circuit. The coil L1 is an air cored coil that can be made with #24 enameled copper wire wound on 5mm form. The antenna can be made with an 80cm wire, for best results use telescopic antenna in vertical position and make its length 80cm.

Receiver section

The receiver section of the transmitter contains two ICs, two transistors and few other discrete components. The coil L2 is an air cored coil equals to 6 turns of #24 enameled copper wire wound on a 5mm form. The 1M variable resistor is used to adjust the sensitivity of the circuit. The antenna at receiver's side is also 80cm and for best results use telescopic antenna in vertical position and make its length 80cm.

Adjustments of both sections

Both the sections require some adjustments for the first time. After building both parts of the circuit i.e. water level cum transmitter circuit and receiver circuit. For adjusting the circuit first remove the positive supply of the battery from the collector of the Q7 and connect it with the emitter of Q7, doing this will connect the transmitter circuit directly to the supply. Now connect an LED with a 470 ohms resistor in series between the pin 7 of the IC3 and ground. This LED and the 470 ohms resistor and the supply connection with the Q7 emitter are connected for temporary basis and after adjustments is done it will be removed.

After making the changes for adjustment power both the circuits, the range will be checked with the temporary connected LED that will light up when the signal is received. Adjust trimmers at both sides until the maximum range is received.

After these adjustments reconnect the power same as it was before in the water level cum transmitter section and remove the LED and its 470 ohms resistor from the receiver section.

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This Six level wireless water level indicator can wirelessly indicate the level of water. The project contains two circuits, one is a water level sensor cum transmitter section and other is a receiver section. The transmitter circuit contains six water level sensor points which can be placed inside a
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Six Level Wireless Water Level Indicator Circuit Diagram
Water level cum transmitter section
Receiver Section