three parts which are a 2N4401 transistor, one 1.2K resistor and one DPDT relay. There are three probes in the circuit, which should be placed in the water, and any thin wire will do the job. The bottom probe should be placed in the bottom of  the water, lower level probe will be placed at the point from where you want to start the water pump to fill water and the full level probe will be placed where you want to stop the water pump.

The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 12V DC. You can use a battery or any plug pack from 5V to 12V will work here. The relay voltage value should be used according to the operating voltage.

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This is a simplest circuit of an automatic water pump controller. The circuit will automatically switch ON a water pump when the water level is below from the lower level probe and switch OFF automatically when the water level reaches to the full level probe.
The circuit is using only
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Simplest Automatic Water Pump Controller Circuit Diagram