relay switch after a preset time period that depends on the values of resistor R1 and the capacitor C1. The timer can be activated with the push button S1. The relay switch is driven through a 2N4403 NPN transistor; a similar transistor can also be used in the place of that.

The operating voltage of the circuit is 12V DC but it can also be operated with lower voltages like 5V or 6V. For operating with lower voltages make sure that the relay value should be used according the operating voltage.

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CD4011 is a versatile IC and can be used for variety of different purposes. It is actually a CMOS IC built with NAND logic gate technology. The IC can be used to build many different projects, in the project below it is wired to perform a simple time delay task.
The circuit will activate a
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Simple Time Delay Switch Using CD4011