describing a simple circuit using a 555 IC that will convert analog temperature signals to frequency signals.

The 555 timer IC is connected as an astable multivibrator in the circuit, a 10K NTC thermistor is used for sensing temperature. The output frequency of the 555 IC is directly proportional to the temperature sensed by the NTC thermistor, therefore when temperature in surrounding of the NTC thermistor increases its resistance decrease as a result the output frequency of 555 timer will increase, and in the opposite condition when the temperature around the NTC thermistor decreases the resistance of NTC thermistor will increase and the output frequency of 555 timer will decrease.

You can also experiment with different values of NTC thermistor, and using a variable resistor in the place of 8.2K resistor to get the desired results.

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The method of converting analog signals to frequency signals or digital signals is used in many advance electronics appliances nowadays, for example it is used in modern temperature monitoring systems, weather monitoring systems, light sensors etc. In this topic we are
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Simple 555 Temperature To Frequency Converter Circuit Diagram