LED activation time can be adjusted in the PIR sensor module. This passive infrared sensor is readily available and can be purchased from your local electronic store.

The heart of the circuit is the PIR sensor, which is already built-in the module. A PIR sensor detects the infrared radiation from any thing, which are in its range and convert them into electrical signals which is amplified by the FET built-in the PIR sensor and finally available at the output pin of the sensor which is further enhanced by the circuit of the PIR sensor module. Now this enhanced signal of the PIR sensor module can be used to activate any electronic alarm or light etc.

In the figure below we have made a simple one transistor circuit to activate a buzzer and LED when any infrared signals is detected by the PIR sensor module. You can also connect a relay switch in the place of the LED (its 470 ohms current limiting resistor) and the buzzer. The circuit can be operated from 9V to 12V DC. It is also important to check the operating voltage of your PIR sensor module and operate the circuit with the give voltage.

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This simple motion sensor alarm and light circuit is using a passive infrared sensor module also call PIR sensor module. The circuit will detect movement of any human, animal or an object at a distance of 5 to 10 meters depends on the sensitivity of the PIR sensor module and activates a buzzer and an LED for a set period of time. The buzzer and
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Simple Motion Sensor Alarm & Light Circuit Diagram