essential to first check how much ampere your relay switch can handle that is written on the relay, and then use the equipment, which will consume current under that value.

The circuit is not limited to sense only soil moisture but it can also be used to sense moisture content in variety of things and requires only simple modification. For modifying the circuit to sense moisture in other materials than soil you have to experiment with different variable resistor values in the place of 15K. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC.

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This is a project of a simple moisture sensor using 555 IC. The circuit will activated an LED, a peizo buzzer (or any buzzer of 9V - 12V) and a relay switch when the moisture level in the soil will reach to the preset value. You can connect any AC/DC equipment with the relay switch but it is
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Simple Moisture Sensor Using 555 IC