circuit is 5V to 12V DC any type of battery and power supply can be used with the circuit.

To use the circuit first you have to adjust the calculator for counting mode that is very simple, it can be done by pressing 0+1 on the calculator, after pressing 0+1 on the calculator it will be ready for counting the pulses received from the optocoupler.

The heart of the circuit is a US1881 hall sensor, which provides output pulses when senses a moving magnet. These output pulses are received by the optocoupler and counted by the calculator.
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This simple circuit of magnetic pulse counter using hall effect sensor can be used for purposes like for counting the speed of motor or counting any type of magnetic pulses etc. The circuit is using only few parts which are a hall sensor, an optocoupler, a resistor and a calculator. The operating voltage of the
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Simple Magnetic Pulse Counter Using Hall Sensor