ideal circuit to get rid of this situation. It will make a melodious alarm when you closed the ignition switch without closing the headlight switch and reminds you that the headlights are still open.

The circuit is simple to build and using only two transistors and few other discrete components, the circuit is also using a UM66 melody generator IC. An 8 ohms speaker is used for the output of the melody IC, you can use any small or big 8 ohms speaker of 200-mille watt to 2 watt as desired. The circuit can be connected with the cigarette lighter socket in which you will find all the three connection as shown in the circuit like dashboard lights, accessory power and chassis. For best results place the circuit in a suitable small enclosure.
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We often forget to switch off our car headlights; if this happen then the result is that the headlights eat the battery fully and leaving it deep discharged due to which the car does not start until the battery recharged again by the external charger.
The simple headlight reminder shown here is an

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Simple Headlight Reminder Circuit Diagram