Here is a simple AM radio circuit using TA7642 IC which is similar to ZN414 IC. ZN414 IC was a very famous am radio IC among electronics enthusiasts few years ago but now it is no more available in the market because it has been discontinued several years ago and now TA7642 and MK484 ICs has taken

its place and the performace of these ICs are similar to ZN414.
The circuit mentioned here is a simple am receiver which can be built in a short time if all parts are available with you. The Coil L1 is equal to 55 turns of  0.315mm (30 swg) enamelled copper wire wound on 10mm x 100mm long ferrite rod. You can also experiment with any am radio coil you have in scrap.
The antenna is not required with the circuit but you can use any wire as an antenna and a ground connection for further sensitivity. Using am loop antenna will also increase peformance greatly. The circuit can be operated with a 1.5 volt battery. Use crystal earphone with the circuit. If you want further audio amplification to drive a speaker use other circuits of am receivers in the Radio & RF circuits section.

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