different voltage that is also marked on the upper side of the circuit. For example when a 12V battery is fully charged it shows upto 13V hence all LEDs of the circuit will glow on this voltage. But when the battery runs down to 12.6V the LED4 will goes off and indicates that the remaining voltage of the battery is 12.6V. Same as when the battery voltage runs down to 11.6V as marked above on the circuit then the LED3 will become deactivated and indicates that the battery voltage is become 11.6V and so on.

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This is a very useful project of a simple 12V battery status indicator circuit. The circuit will indicate the level of 12V battery voltage through four LEDs. When the battery is fully charged all LEDs of the circuit will become activated, the LEDs will close one by one as the battery runs down. Each LED will close on
Simple 12V Battery Status Indicator Circuit Diagram