The figure shows a very sensitive static electricity detector switch circuit. The circuit will activate an LED and a relay switch when it will detect any static electricity around. You can connect any AC or DC appliance with the relay to switch it on when the circuit will detect any electrostatic field.

This static electricity detector circuit can also be used for many other purposes like ion detector, electric field detector etc.

The main component of the circuit is a 2N3819 FET (Field effect transistor) that is working as a static electricity detector in the circuit. The other two transistors are working as switches. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9 to 12 volt DC. You can also operate the circuit with low voltage like 5 or 6 volt. Make sure to use same voltage relay also when operating with any low voltage. For antenna use an 8 inch wire of any type. You can also experiment with different antennas.

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Sensitive Static Electricity Detector Switch Circuit