the output pulses from the 555 timer IC is fed to the data input of transmitter section of the RF module which are then transmitted from antenna of the transmitter to the receiver, the receiver receives these pulses through its antenna and send them to its output data pins. A Buz11 mosfet is connected at the receiver's data ouput to drive the DC motor. Other high current mosfet can also be used in the place of Buz11 to get the required current for the motor in use. The speed of the motor can be controlled by adjusting 50K variable resistor.

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This RF wireless PWM DC motor speed controller circuit is consist of arduino RF module, a 555 timer IC and few other discrete components. This simple circuit can be used to control DC motor speed wirelessly. The readymade RF module is consists of two sections which are transmitter and receiver,
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RF Module
Transmitter Circuit
Receiver Circuit