This is a project of a power ON delay timer circuit using 555 timer IC. Most of the time we require some delay to power on our projects or electronic appliances, the circuit given here is ideal for these purposes.
The circuit is simple and using low cost components.

The heart of the circuit is a 555 timer IC. When the push switch is pressed the 555 timer will be triggered for a preset time period and after that time period is completed the 12V relay and an LED will be activated and any electronic device or appliance connected with the relay will become switch ON.

The time delay of the circuit can be increase or decrease by using a higher or lower value capacitor as Cx. For example a 10uf capacitor will give a time delay of few seconds, a 100uF capacitor will increase the delay to around 2 minutes and so on. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9 to 12 volt DC but it can also be operated on lower voltages like 5 or 6 volt DC but requires a same voltage relay.

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Power ON Delay Using 555 Timer Circuit Diagram