example detecting a wire break in any AC wire.

The operating voltage of the circuit is very low, and can be operated from as low as 3V DC. But the output LED requires minimum 3.6V DC for bright light due to which the circuit should be operated at minimum 4.5V DC. The power consumption of the circuit is also very low and in standby mode it only takes around 450uA. Due to this low current consumption the batteries will last longer and the circuit is also ideal to use with small watch batteries or lithium coin size batteries. With these small batteries the hole circuit can be packed in a very small enclosure with batteries.

The sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted with 1M variable resistor. Antenna can be a simple 4 inches wire.

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Here is a very useful project of a non contact AC voltage sensor circuit. The circuit can be used to sense AC voltages in AC sockets, AC wires without making any contact / using multimeter or any other device which make direct contact with the mains. It can also be used for repairing purposes for
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Non Contact AC Voltage Sensor Using LM358