move it.

The circuit is very simple and using only few easily available components. The heart of the circuit is a famous 555 timer IC. The circuit is using a pendulum system, which can be easily made easily with wires by making a loop with one wire and attaching a weight with another wire.

Working of the circuit is simple when any movement occurs the pendulum or weight attached in the wire start moving and touches the loop wire due to which the 555 timer will be triggered. When the 555 IC will become triggered its output goes high for a preset time period and activates the buzzer. When the preset time period is over the output of the 555 timer will become low due to which the buzzer will become deactivated. The preset time period can be increase or decrease with the 1M variable resistor. For further increasing the preset time period use a 1000uF capacitor or more.

A relay switch can also be connected in the place of buzzer to switch ON AC or DC appliances. The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 15V DC.
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This article describes a very interesting project of the simple movement sensor or detector alarm circuit using a 555 IC. The circuit can detect movement of any object where it is placed. For example in your vehicle or any big object you want to secure or just want to know if any one is trying to

Movement Sensor Alarm Using 555 IC
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