you pass on from the gate. That will save a lot of electrical power used by the main gate lights. The circuit can also be used for security related purposes for example when an unauthorized person came near to the gate at night, the lamps will become automatically switch ON so the unauthorized person thinks that someone is watching. We cannot completely rely on that circuit if we want to make an intruder detection system but it can provide some help.

The circuit is simple to make and using very few components. The main part of the circuit is a ready made PIR sensor module which can be purchased from the local electronic store. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC and minimum-operating current should be 200mA. The relay and PIR module operating voltage should be according to the operating voltage of the circuit.
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Here is a very interesting and useful project of a motion sensing main entrance gate night light circuit. The circuit will automatically switch ON the Lamps / lights of your main entrance gate at night only when any one come near or in front of the gate and automatically switch off the lamps / lights when
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Motion Sensing Main Gate Night Light Circuit Diagram