delay for any application or appliance.

It will disconnect the load for a short time period from mains supply for example 5 to 15 minutes (adjustable) until the voltage become stable again. The time period can be adjusted with 1M variable resistor.

The circuit can be divided in to two parts, which are fluctuation detector and time delay. When a fluctuation occurs the Q1 conduct and Q2 also become in conducting state and triggers the IC that activates the relay as a result the load gets disconnected from the mains supply for a preset time period.

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Fluctuation time delay is a circuit that can be used to save electronic appliances from sudden voltage fluctuations occurs in the mains. The fluctuation time delay functions / circuits are mostly found in expensive voltage stabilizers. The circuit shown here can also be used as a fluctuation time
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Mains Fluctuation Detecting Time Delay Circuit Diagram