Long Range FM transmitter Circuit

Here is a good long range FM transmitter circuit diagram with minimum components but will give a good result. This FM RF transmitter circuit has two stages first oscillator stage and second RF amp stage. Transistor Q1 is working as a oscillator and Q2 is working as a RF power amplifier. The circuit
will not change its frequency by touching the antenna because of Q2 which is seperating the antenna from the oscillator. L1 and L2 is equal to 10 turns of 1mm enameled wire close wound on a 3mm form. Do not make any gap between the turns of the coil. The trimmer capacitor C4 is to adjust the frequency and C5 is to match the oscillator to the RF amplifier stage. Matching the out put by adjusting C5 is important to get full output from the circuit, you have to use a field strength meter (FSM) to adjust the C5 for maximum output. The antenna will be 30 inch wire or you can also use 12 inch wire antenna if you want. Using 12 inch antenna will decrease the range of the transmitter. The maximum range with the 30 inch wire antenna will be 2 km or more in the open area or in the line of sight.

Note: This circuit is for educational purpose only.

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