Do you know that white LEDs can be used for a good looking lamp for your room? In this topic we will discuss a great idea of making a LED lamp Circuit with white LEDs to use as room Lamp. Now a days LED lamps are going very popular. Because it gives you good light, more power saver and the life of LED

lamp is much more as compare to the life of florescent lamp. Now a days LED lamps are also available in markets but why we buy it from the market if we know the skills to make it? The circuit is very simple and contains very few parts. The good thing of this LED lamp circuit is that it is not using any transformer. The bridge rectifiers are used here because we have to convert AC to DC because LEDs can only run from DC volts.

Note: Many of its points are at AC mains voltage. It could give you lethal shock if you are not careful. So if you don't know much about working with AC line voltages
do not attempt to construct this circuit.
230 Volt LED Lamp Circuit

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