Here is a simple LED night light circuit which can be used as a room night lamp. The circuit is simple and can be built with few components. The circuit is using four LEDs to perform as a night lamp . You can use blue or white colour LEDs or any other colour you like. 1N4007 diodes are used in the circuit to


rectify the AC voltages to DC and the zener diode of 12V is used to step down the voltage to 12 volts to safely operate the 3 volt LEDs. The capacitor C2 is working as a filter capacitor in the circuit and any near by value capacitor will also work here. Care must be taken to build this circuit because this is a AC circuit. Fit the circuit in a small plastic box when completed.

Note: Many of its points are at AC mains voltage. It could give you lethal shock if you are not careful. If you don't know much about working with AC line voltages
do not attempt to construct this circuit.


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LED Night Light / Lamp Circuit
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