techniques, in this project we have used transistors to perform the latch function, the circuit is using very few & easily available components, which are two transistors 2N4401 & 2N4403 and few resistors. The circuit is also using a relay switch at the output from which any desired electronic application or device can be controlled.

To understand the circuit it is essential to first understand the working of Q1 and Q2. When a signal or a pulse is applied at the base of the Q1, the Q1 conduct and connects the base of the Q2 to the ground, as a result Q2 also starting conducting which activates the relay connected with the collector of the Q2. A 4.7K resistor is also connected from the collector of the Q2 to the base of the Q1 this provides a feedback voltage at the base of Q1, which makes Q1 conduct continuously, till the power supply is disconnected.
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The figure below shows a project of a simple latch switch using transistors. A latch switch is a circuit that works as a continuous open switch once it received an input signal or pulse and remains stay open even the input signal is gone.
A latch circuit can be made with several
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Latch Switch Using Transistors