This is a circuit of a lab power supply using LM7805, LM7806, LM7809 & LM7812 ICs. The circuit is very simple to build and can be used for many purposes. The circuit is using LM 78xx series voltage regulator ICs which perform DC to DC converter or DC to DC step down tasks in electronic

circuits. The circuit is ideal to use as a voltage source for different experiments in lab. The output current of these ICs are upto 1A. The input voltage can be any from 15 to 35 volt DC but it is better to apply 2 to 3 volt higher input voltage than output because the voltage difference will change in to heat dissipation from the IC. For more voltage difference between input and output use suitable heatsinks with the ICs. These ICs contain a built in overheat protection which will shutdown the IC automatically by overheat if heatsink is not sufficient. These ICs also contain short circuit protection which will protect it if there is any short circuit during experiment. 

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lab power supply using lm 7805, 7806, 7809, 7812 ICs
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