Charging a car battery is not a very difficult task. But first is it requried to have some know how about the battery in your car. Your car used a kind of battery called lead acid battery of 12 volt. These are box like batteries contain acid inside due to which they are called lead acid batteries. By looking on the upper side of the battery you will find two connections Red (Positive) and Black (negative), these are the points which you will be going to use for charging that battery.
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Car Battery Charger

For charging your car battery you require a good quality automatic car battery charger, there are many kinds of car battery chargers are available in the markets or online which you can buy according to your budget. It is better to buy a good quality charger by checking its real reviews online, you can find reviews by searching online.

How Long to Charge a Car Battery

Most good quality chargers comes with ampere settings, it is a good option from which you can set how fast or how long you want to charge your battery. For example if you have a 12V 60AH battery then you can set the charger on 6 ampere which will completely charge a fully discharge battery in 10 hours according to the myth below:

Battery AH (Written on the battery)  / charging current in ampere (Your charger is providing)  = Charging time in hours

60 / 6 = 10 Hours

You can also charge your battery with less than 6 ampere if you want to charge it in a long time period for example if you are going to sleep and want to charge it till morning. Then you can select 3 or 4 ampere charging current on your charger.

Fast Charging Your Car Battery

You can also charge the your battery in a short period of time, for example if you select 10 ampere charging current on your charger then your 60AH battery will charge in 6 hours but only do it on occasions when you have no time to charge it for 10 Hours. Slow charging or 10 hours charging is always good for your battery life.

Charging Your Car Battery

Now you have read all the important information mentioned above required to charge your battery, its time to charge your battery. First of all open you car hood and take a look at your battery and its negative (Black)( - ) and positive (Red)( + ) connections. You will see that your battery is already connected with your car with two clips, remove those clips and connect the battery charger clips but make sure you will connect the clips in the right way like red clip with red battery connection ( + ) and black clip with the black battery connection ( - ) it is very very important. Now set the charging current in your charger and double check all the things like battery connections and charger and at last connect the charger mains plug to the mains supply outlet (AC). Your charger will show you the charging process on its screen or on any type of charging indicator your charger have. Now get relax and come back after the time period you have decided to charge your battery. After your battery charged completely your charger will also show an indication of full charge. Now remove the charger connection from the battery and reconnect your car connections clips with your battery but once again connect them in right way like red with red and black with black and thats it your car is ready to drive now.
How to Charge a Car Battery