and requires only few low cost components. The two wires marked sensors should be attached at the basement where you think it will easily come in contact with the flood water. You can also connect few inches steel rods with the sensor wires for better performance. For sound indication a UM66 melody IC is used which provide a melody alarm when the sensors detect flood. The operating voltage of the circuit is 3V to 4.5V DC. The circuit consumes very low current due to which it is ideal to use batteries for powering it. The pack of two or three 1.5V AA batteries will last very long.
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This home and office basement flood alarm will indicate you when flood start's to enter in your places. The circuit provides early indication and alert due to which it is possible to take an immediate action to save your furniture and appliances.
The circuit is easy to make
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Home & Office Basement Flood Alarm Circuit Diagram