High Power FM Transmitter

I have seen many half watt and 1 watt fm transmitter circuits this month but never found any high power fm transmitter with minimum components and simple to build. So here is a circuit of fm transmitter which has minimum components and simple to make. This is a powerful fm         
transmitter and its output is between 0.5 watt to 2 watt depends on the input voltage which is 6 to 30 volt DC. The trimmer is equal to 2 - 10 pF and L is equal to 6 turns of 22 guage enameled wire wound on 3/26 inch form. The 2n2219 is a high output RF transistor and it will drain more current so it is advised to use alkaline battery or use small lead acid battery. The transistor 2n2219 should be mount with a heatsink. For good perfomance mount the circuit in a metal box and keep all the leads of the components as short as possible.

Note: This circuit is for educational purpose only.
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