The figure below shows a very high quality buzzer / beeper circuit using 555 ICs. The circuit can provide variety of beeping sounds and also blink an LED according to the beep. This buzzer circuit can be used with any project where a buzzer or beeper is required. The beeping sound can be changed or

adjusted with the two variable resistors shown in the circuit, first is 500K and second is 200K, you can also use potentiometers in the place of variable resistors.

The 200K variable resistor adjusts the number of beeps at a time and the 500K variable resistor adjusts time of on and off the beeps.

This beeper circuit is built around two 555 timer ICs. Both the ICs are working as astable multivibrator here. The circuit can be operated from 5 to 12 volt DC.

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High Quality Buzzer / Beeper Circuit Diagram