The figure shows an automatic emergency light circuit diagram. The circuit is using 18 super bright white LEDs which will activate automatically in the absence of electricity or mains power. A 12V battery charger circuit stage is also used for charging the 12 volt 4.5AH lead acid battery

used in the circuit. You can also use higher or lower capacity lead acid batteries. The max output current of the charger circuit is 1 ampere, which can be adjusted with 1K variable resistor.
A PNP transistor used in between the battery and LEDs is working as a switch and it will connect the battery with the LEDs in the absence of mains power. The circuit is also using a 12V 2 ampere transformer and a 2 ampere diode bridge.
This circuit can be used for many purposes like as an emergency lamp, LED table or reading lamp or as a portable lamp. You can also increase the number of LEDs if you want but make sure to connect them same as we have connected in the circuit. The circuit will give more than 24 hours continues backup with a 12 volt 4.5AH or 5AH lead acid battery and 18 LEDs.

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Emergency Light Circuit Diagram