Here is a project of an electronic number guessing game circuit. The circuit is very interesting and can provide a lot of fun. There are 10 LEDs used in the circuit on which you have to mark 1 to 10 numbers, you have to choose a number from that and press the switch S1 one time.

After you have pressed the switch S1 the LEDs will start rotating for few seconds and stop on a single LED, now if that single LED number is same as you have guessed then you are the winner. You can also play this game with multiplayer for example with your family members or friends.

The circuit is using a 2N3904 transistor, two ICs and few other discrete components. A simple timer circuit is built around the 2N3904 transistor that will activate the IC1 for few seconds. The IC1 is a 555 timer IC that is working as an astabel multivibrator here and providing positive pulses to the IC2. The IC2 is a CD4017 decade counter IC and it has ten outputs, an LED is used at each output to show a visual indication.

The output pin3 of the IC1 is connected with the clock input pin14 of the IC2.  The IC2 will activate LEDs one by one or in sequence on each positive pulse received from the IC1. When the time period of the simple timer circuit will complete the IC1 will goes of and the rotation of the 10 LEDs will stop on any one LED.

The speed of the rotation can be controlled with the 100K pot. For best results adjust the 100K pot to rotate the LEDs fast.

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Electronic Number Guessing Game Circuit Diagram