This circuit is built around two ICs, which are a NE555 timer, and other is a CD4017 decade counter. The circuit is divided in to two sections; first section is built around a 555 timer IC that is working as an astable multivibrator in the circuit and with the help of   a 2N3906 transistor the IC will provide the pulses from fast to slow down. The second section is built with a CD 4017 decade counter IC. The 4017 have 10 outputs but we have used only two in the circuit and the third one is connected with the reset.

When the push button S1 is pressed the 555 timer will start generating the clock pulses on the pin 14 of the counter IC due to which the LED 1 and LED 2 will start blinking in speed. The pulses from the 555 IC will gradually slow down and stop, hence the blinking of the head and tail LEDs will also gradually decrease and stop on one LED.

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An electronic coin toss is a very interesting and useful project in electronics. The circuit shown here is using a slow down function in which the LEDs will start blinking very fast when the push button S1 is pressed, but this speed will gradually decreases and stop on any one LED and shows the decision.
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Electronic Coin Toss Circuit With Slow Down Function