Here is a design of a simple diy FM antenna which you can make to receive distant radio stations and improve the reception of your FM receiver. You can also use this antenna with any FM antenna amplifier or FM antenna booster circuit. The design of this do it yourself antenna is very

simple so any one can make it in few minutes if all required parts are available. This type of antennas are called half wave dipole antenna which is best for a single frequency. For example if you want to receive a FM radio station on 103 MHz so you have to make the antenna for 103 MHz with the help of calculation. But if you want to cover hole FM band then simply make it for 98 MHz which is the center of the FM band.
Here is a simple formula to know the size of the antenna for desired frequency:
300 / frequency / 2 = Antenna length in meters.
For example if  you want to make it for 100 MHz then
300 / 100 / 2 = 1.5
The total length of the antenna will be 1.5 meters for 100 MHz and the design will be like this:

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