The circuit shown here will over come this issue by giving a beep signal after every second in the day time to remind you that the headlights are ON. The time gap of this beep signal can be adjusted with the 100K variable resistor. The best thing of this circuit is that, it will only remind you in daytime or in lighting conditions and at night it will automatically become deactivated.

To work properly the circuit require a little smart fixation. Fit the circuit in a suitable enclosure, the LDR should be connected with the circuit through long wires. Use simple thin wires so it can be hide easily in the car. Place LDR at a place where it can receive day light easily and adjust the 100K variable resistor to activate the beep at the desired level of light. The circuit can be used with any type of vehicle that uses a 12V battery.

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We often require to open the car headlights in day time but some times we forget to switch them off because we cant realize that either they are open or closed due to the daylight, and as a result they fully eat the capacity of the battery and make it empty, due to which the car doesn't start.
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Daytime Car Headlights Switch ON Reminder Circuit Diagram