the failed components.

The circuit shown here is quite simple and sensitive, it is using only few commonly available parts and performs very well. An LED and a peizo buzzer is connected at the output of the circuit to show the audible and visual indication of a good connection. A buzzer plays very important part in a continuity tester because you can identify a connection while looking in the faulted circuit by hearing the buzzer sound and you don't have to look at the continuity tester frequently.

The circuit is using a commonly available 2N3904 transistor. Sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted with the 50K variable resistor. Operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 9V DC.

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If you are working with your electronic projects or repairing any electronic circuit a continuity tester is an important device to have on your bench. A continuity tester identifies a connection between two points. It will let us know if a wire or connection on the pcb is broken or if a circuit has become open due to 
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Continuity Tester With Buzzer