which will become activated on the desired coldness or temperature decrease. You can connect any DC or AC appliance with the relay switch to activate it on the desired temperature decrease.

The circuit is using two ICs which are LM35 and CA3140. LM35 is a very good, accurate, low current consumption and low cost temperature sensor IC. Another great quality of this IC is that it not requires any calibration by the user, because it is already calibrated by the manufacturer. Another IC used in the circuit is a CA3140 that is an operational amplifier IC. In this circuit this IC is used as a comparator. The desired temperature to switch on the relay can be selected with the 10K variable resistor.
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This is a project of a cold sensor switch circuit using LM35 IC and CA3140 ICs. The circuit can be used for sensing cold at any place or environment. It can be used with vide variety of projects in which you require to sense the temperature decrease or coldness. At the output of the circuit there is a relay switch,
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Cold Sensor Switch Using LM35 & CA3140