connected with the car battery or you can also connect a separate 3V AA or AAA cells as a power source. The circuit is designed with keeping in mind for low power consumption so the current consumption of this circuit is only 250uA in standby mode, therefore it will serve for months on two good quality AA cells and also not affect the charging of the car battery if you leave it connected with it.

The circuit is using two CMOS 555 timer ICs which can be LMC555 or 7555 timer ICs. A peizo buzzer is used at the output of the circuit which will beep when the water in the tank will be lower from the two sensors shown in the circuit. The sensors can be made with two simple wires that can be placed in the water tank at some distance, and can be placed at the desired level on which you want the indication. Making the distance between the two sensors is essential so they can not directly touch each other, it is important for the proper working of the circuit. The buzzer can be adjusted with the 100K variable resistor, operating voltage of the circuit is 3V to 12V DC.

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This post explains a car tank water sensor circuit using two 555 timer ICs and few other discrete components. The circuit will indicate when water in the car tank is low or its empty which helps maintain water in the car, this circuit can also be used for any other vehicle. For power source it can be
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Car Tank Water Sensor Circuit Diagram