simple, when the car will be in reverse gear the brake switch will become activated and supply power to this horn circuit, hence the circuit starts generating a melody. The circuit is using two ICs which are a LM78L05 voltage regulator IC and a UM66 melody IC. The LM78L05 IC steps down the 12V from the car battery to supply power to the UM66 melody circuit. The 3V zener diode is used to further step down 5V to 3V because UM66 is a low power IC and it works on less than 5V.
For speaker use any 8 ohms with output power of 200mW to 1W.
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This is a project of a simple car reverse horn circuit. The circuit will generate a musical horn when the car is in reverse gear. The circuit is very simple to build and also it is very low power consumption. It can be used with any vehicle that uses a 12V battery.
Working of the circuit is
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Car Reverse Horn Circuit Diagram