through the reverse switch and gets activated when you reverse your vehicle. The circuit provides visual and sound indications by flashing the 8 super bright LEDs and beeping a 12V buzzer.

The circuit is build around a NE555 timer IC that is used here as a astable multivibrator mode. A BD139 NPN transistor is connected at the output of the circuit which is driving 8 super bright LEDs and a buzzer. The 100K potentiometer is used to adjust the frequency of LEDs flashing and buzzer beeps. For best results fit the circuit in a small waterproof plastic box.

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The figure shows a very useful project of a car reverse alert buzzer and flasher circuit. The circuit can be used with any vehicle for example cars, jeeps, trucks etc. The circuit will alert peoples, pets & children playing or standing around your car. It can be connected with your vehicle's battery
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Car Reverse Alert Buzzer & Flasher Circuit Diagram