and do not requires any maintenance for several months to years once it is properly built and adjusted.

One of the good features of the circuit is that it can be adjusted for multiple power outputs from 1.2V to 12V with upto 1.5A output current. Another good feature is it automatically disconnects the battery from the equipment when it is low; this saves the battery from deep discharge, which extends the battery life.

An automatic battery charger is also used in the circuit that will charge the battery and disconnect it from the supply when it is full charged. A 12V 10AH battery is shown in the diagram but you can also use lower AH SLA batteries if desired.

When the circuit is completely built it will require a simple adjustment for the first time, for that you will require an adjustable power supply. First of all disconnect the circuit from all power sources like 15V 2A supply and the SLA battery. Now set 11V in the adjustable power supply and connect it in the place of battery in the circuit, after that adjust the 10K variable resistor connected with the 6.2V zener diode until the LED glows. After these adjustments the circuit will be ready to use.

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A battery backup supply is essential in situations when continuous working of equipments without any disconnection is required during power outages. The circuit shown here is ideal for this purpose. It can also be used as a power bank for charging many types of equipment. The circuit is fully automatic
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Battery Backup For Multiple Equipments