Voltage is a force which pulls electricity in a circuit. A simple example of voltage is water in pipe, incoming water pulls the water in the pipe and hence this pressure move water in the pipe. Same as voltage pulls electric current in a circuit.


When electric charge flows in circuit this circulation is called current.

AC and DC Current

AC is a short form of Alternate Current. AC current is generated by power plants in the electrical company and through wires this current come to our home. The appliances we use in our house or offices are mostly use DC current so with the help of diodes in the circuit of these appliances they convert AC to DC current. The DC is a short form of Direct Current DC current use in electronic circuits; electronic components use DC current to perform their tasks.

Electronic Components

Electronic components are electronic elements which are made of different metals they contain two or more leads. There are many electronic components use in deferent types of electronic circuits each component have its own symbol and work. These symbols are used in circuit diagrams with their values many electronic components symbols not contain any value for example LED (Light Emitting Diode). In this topic we will cover all important information to understand the working of electronic components in an electronic circuit.

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