Electricity is a flow of electrons from one place to another. we are not able to see electricity it is an unseen force which contains negative and positive charges we can see the transformation of this energy in the form of a moving fan, light when we close switch of these appliances for example light then the moving of electrons disconnect and the bulb stops generating light. For understanding electricity more clearly we first have to understand what is atom.


Atom is the smallest part of matter. Every thing in this universe is made up of atom like our galaxy of stars, sun, moon, rock, air, water even you and me made up of atom. Atom also contains some particles like nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons. Nucleus is situated in the middle of atom it consist of proton and neutron. Electron revolves around the atom. Proton contains positive charge and electron contains negative charge and neutron contains no charge. As you always hear that negative and positive charge attract each other so the proton and electron attract each other in an atom. Normally in a balanced atom the number of electrons and protons are same but the number of neutrons is different. The electrons situated in an atom are able to move we move them and use them as electricity. Electrons move through the wire or metal from one place to another. We can move electrons with the help of magnetic field we have to use magnet for making magnetic field.

Generation of Electricity

We use electricity daily we run all electrical appliances like machines, computers, TV etc at home office or else where with electricity. This electricity is coming from power plants our power plants produce electricity by using same techniques they have huge generators and inside these generator there are copper coils which move very fast in circular motion inside of huge magnet and this magnetic field send electrons in the wire from the atom and through these wires electricity come to our home.

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