The circuit is using two transistors and few other discrete components and can be operated with any voltage from 5V to 12V DC. It is essential to use a same voltage relay as the operating voltage, like if you are operating the circuit with 5V then use a 5V relay or on 12V use 12V relay because a 12V relay will not work on 5V operating voltage. The two points marked sensor should be placed at the mouth of the municipal supply line.

Working of the circuit is simple when the sensor detects water the resistance between them decreased due to which the transistor Q1 become actuated. When Q1 is actuated it will switch on the timer circuit built around the Q2. Which remains activated for around 45 seconds. The using of this simple timer circuit is to make the relay switch continuously open at times when there is air in the pipeline.

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Here is a project of an automatic municipal water supply sensor switch circuit. The circuit is requested by one of our reader few days before. The circuit will detects or sense when the water will come in the municipal water supply pipe and switch ON any alarm or water pump.
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Automatic Municipal Water Supply Sensor Switch Circuit Diagram