and due to dark you can not see the way out, so with the lights stay ON for 1 or 2 minutes you can easily walk on your way.

The circuit is using two transistors, one 555 timer IC, a 12V relay and few other discrete components. Working of the circuit is simple, when the car ignition is switched off the transistor Q1 also become switch off due to which the Q2 conduct and triggers the 555 timer for a preset time period. When the 555 timer is triggered its output goes high and switch ON the 12V relay hence the headlights become activated. The preset time period can be selected with the 100K variable resistor. The preset time period can also be increased by increasing the value of capacitor Cx2.

The three connection points shown in the circuit should be connected to your car's dashboard lights, accessory power and chassis, you will also find these connections in your car's cigarette socket. For good results fit the circuit in a suitable enclosure and put the variable resistor out so you can easily adjust the timing.

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The figure below shows a project of an automatic delayed turn off car headlights circuit. The circuit will switch ON the headlights of your vehicle for a preset time period when you turn off the ignition switch. This function will be very useful at times when you park your car in a dark place

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Automatic Delayed Turn Off Car Headlights Circuit